Møreforsking Ålesund AS is a research instiutte focusing on the marine value chain, including biology of marine resources, catching, handling, processing, product development and market research. With it's proximity to the ocean, rich marine resources and a pioneering marine and maritime industry with strong traditions for innovation, catching, processing and exporting seafood, Møreforsking Ålesund is localised at the heart of the marine cluster of Norway.

Many of the companies in the region are national leaders in fishing, aquaculture, processing and sale of seafood products and focus systematically on innovation. A number of them are globally oriented.
Møreforsking Marin’s role is to contribute with knowledge through research and development work that increases the value creation in the industry. We conduct various R&D projects for the fishing fleet, the fish-farming industry, the processing industry, exporters, trade associations and sales organisations.  
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