Through over 30 years of business, Møreforsking has built solid expertise on designing and conducting projects within varying time- and budget-frames. The institute has 55 employees, whom conduct research, development, counseling and knowledge development.

Audny Hellebø

Audny Hellebø, Cand.scient. in molecular biology at the University of Bergen in 2002, has since 2007 been a researcher at Møreforsking Ålesund AS. Hellebø's research areas are mainly related to the aquaculture industry, with focus on fish health and fish welfare. She is however not limited to these areas. She works readily with engaged industry and utilizes her research expertise to solve R&D challenges. 
Hellebø has during the last years been working on R&D projects related to salmon, salmon lice, various pathogens related to diseases in salmon and the spread of these, cleaner fish, documentation of effect of new equipment on aquaculture plants, shrimp, whelk and biofilm. She likes the variation and when deadlines are short. She both leads her own projects and contribute to projects led by others. Fields of interest are therefore wide. If she could make a wish, more molecular biology in the lab would be warmly welcomed.   
Previous workplaces are Ålesund University College, Laboratory of molecular pathology at  Haukeland Hospital in Bergen, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Oslo, and the University of Bergen. 

Lyche, Lage

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