Møreforsking has a broad expertise within the field of Social Sciences and extensive experience in studies of public sector, development of businesses and society. Interaction between different social actors in reform implementation, development- and planning processes has been a central theme in many of the projects Møreforsking has completed within the field.

Social Research at Møreforsking can be divided into four main areas: 
  • Work and expertise
  • Public health and Welfare 
  • Childhood and education 
  • Social change 
Our social science expertise includes educators, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, community planners, geographers, economists, physiologists and market analysts.
The group conducts research involving analysis, evaluation, mediation skills and support in development. In this work the group is supported by the social science departments at the three colleges in Møre and Romsdal.
Projects within the field of Society can be found here