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Agnes Christine Gundersen

Agnes Christine Gundersen was awarded the degree of Dr. scient. at the University of Bergen’s Insititute of Fisheries and Marine Biology.  in 2004.She has been working as a researcher at Møreforsking since March 1993, and is today Head of Research of the Marin division of Møreforsking.
Central areas of work have been projects in fisheries biology. She has played a key role in the research cooperation programme with the Institute of Marine Research and is responsible for a similar joint programme between Møreforsking and the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. Much of her work has focused on the distribution and life history of the Greenland halibut in the waters around Greenland and in the Barents Sea, with emphasis on reproduction and recruitment. However,  she has also worked with other species. Agnes is a member of ICES Expert Groups (Northwestern Working Group, since 1994 as well as  Working Group on Recruitment Processes). She has completed a number of research cruises, and fishing trials, mainly as cruise leader.  Research areas have also been fishing gear selectivity and testing fishing gears. In addition, she has been a competence broker and worked closely with industry.
Publications (peer reviewed):
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Nordic reports:
Gundersen, A.C. 2002 (Editor). Reproduction of West-Nordic Greenland halibut… reflecting on maturity, fecundity, spawning, TEP. Nordisk Ministerråd. TemaNord Fiskeri, 2002:585, 323p.).
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