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New report: Organizing social housing efforts. A development project...


New report: Organizing social housing efforts. A development project for municipalities with special challenges in coordinating social housing efforts.

Coordination between departments within municipalities and between different administrative levels is a bottleneck in social housing efforts.

The project “Organizing social housing efforts” aimed at improving coordination in the municipalities Ålesund, Kristiansund, Melhus and Namsos. This is a report from the project. 
The project consisted mainly of three elements: 1. Møreforsking conducted a social network analysis (SNA) for each municipality, mapping relationships and communication patterns among people working with social housing within the municipality. 2. Through monthly meetings, the municipalities had an opportunity to discuss social housing issues and work towards establishing an action plan for 
continued focus on social housing. 3. The municipalities also participated in two network meetings. The aim of these meetings were to exchange knowledge and get the chance to be acquainted with each other, both as municipalities and as colleagues. 
Social network analysis (SNA) shows that social housing networks are different in each municipality. It can identify and visualize the communication patterns of today and thereby give the opportunity to discuss the way forward. However, such analysis can’t give a definitive answer to how the municipalities best be organized in their social housing effort.
The complete report is available in Norwegian only.